Westwood Natives is a Texas-based sustainable living farm with a focus on permaculture, native plant propagation and rainwater harvesting.


It all started when...

agronomist, Colby Stoker, bought 10 acres in the western woods of Lockhart, Texas. He sat, observed and took time to carefully consider the ecological impact of development and finally irrigated the land with over 1500 linear feet of berms and swales. The land now supports perennial food crops, medicinal herbs and fruit trees.

In 2013, Colby strategically developed the 10 acres at Westwood Natives for large scale regenerative agriculture. Now, both irrigation and drinking water is sourced from rainwater as Colby professionally engineers catchment systems.

Native plants are propagated in the 1800 sq.ft. climate controlled, high-hoop greenhouse. And yes, the systems are automated! Several bee hives are hosted for pollination and sourced for raw, unfiltered honey.

Westwood Natives hopes to further develop their rich educational materials and workshops, expand their food forest to provide for the local food shed and expand into a culture hub by hosting individuals in pursuit of their heart’s passion.



It's a priority.

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interning opportunities

Learn from the masters! We offer educational opportunities ranging from horticulture, native plants, to bee-keeping to cob building to rainwater harvesting and engineering. You'll get hands on experience that just can't be learned in a book.


residency opportunities

We are calling in a wonder team of builders, farmers, artists and folks with big hearts and big dreams. We believe the dreamers should dream. If you have an RV and don't mind roughing it, we have opportunities for co-creation and growth. Lets build this dream world together.



we raise texas native plants...

in an 1800 square foot climate managed high hoop green house with automated systems. And they aren't just for our own folks. We've provided hundreds of tree saplings and bushes to the Blanco River Reforestation Project and many other restorative agriculture projects in the Texas hill-country.

Reforestation in mind?

We can provide massive quantities of saplings to your food forest or re-wilding project. Lets talk natives!

curious about propagation?

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Westwood Natives is never thirsty. It is strategically designed and cultivated to capture and hold rainwater through advanced irrigation and planting systems. The ecosystem is slowly developing into moisture rich food forests that will supply an abundance of clean food for the community.

catchment systems

Native Rainworks is the brainchild of our founder, Colby Stoker. His ingenious rainwater catchment systems provides enough water to accommodate the entire Westwood Natives community. 

wanna harvest rain yourself?

Colby Stoker, our founder has the answers. He founded Native Rainworks in response to all the local demands for rain harvesting. You don't have to figure it out alone. Native Rainworks can get you set up in no time and answer your hot questions. 

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Westwood Natives hosts several bee hives for pollination of clean food; nuts, fruit, and perennial vegetables. The hives are an abundant source for raw, unfiltered honey.

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Clean Food

Its a priority at Westwood Natives. Our future goal is to grow enough clean food to provide for the local food shed.

Native plants are propagated in the 1800 sq.ft. climate controlled, high-hoop greenhouse. And yes, the systems are automated! Over 1500 linear feet of berms and swales support perennial food crops, medicinal herbs and fruit trees. Several bee hives are hosted for pollination and sourced for raw, unfiltered honey.


Want to learn about agriculture?

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1 Chanterelle Waxcap, Hygrocybe cantharellus, Little Beaver Creek, Columbiana Co., OH September 5, 2010 (28).JPG


We call it: Cultural Composting - the rich fermentation that occurs when a group of multi-talented people are allowed to rest, break down their obstacles, co-create and follow their heart's passion. The result is a creative hub for science, art and culture.


Colby Stoker

Lead Scientist/Founder of Westwood Natives and designer of Westwood Natives Farm. He is an agronomist, loves nature, and native plants, Mr. fixit and problem solver extraordinaire.


Marissa Stoker

Westwood Natives consultant, designer, able body and host. Founder of Native Moth Studios, the onsite maker-space and jewelry studio. Blacksmith, welder, jeweler and fine artist. 



Design and Marketing Director, music producer, starlet and character. She makes things purty.



Academic, farmer, builder. He gets stuff done and offers an earthy, grounding presence.